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About the Author

Poet Molly Fisk writes weekly essays for community radio stations in California, Colorado, Illinois and Wisconsin. She’s the author of multiple poetry collections and audio recordings of commentary.

Fisk has been awarded grants by the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. She’s the owner of Poetry Boot Camp and can be reached at

What People Are Saying About Blow-Drying A Chicken

Years ago, when I lived in Nevada City, I was bowled over with delight by [Molly Fisk’s] radio essays on KVMR. I have been reading this wonderful newly published book of essays for just a few minutes and already have teared and belly-laughed.

Your book is my new bible. I read it at my local coffee house. I read it after turning off my computer. I read it at my lunchbreak at work. It makes me smile, cry, laugh, think. You are full of surprises. This is the lightest, most amusing, heartful and intelligent reading I have encountered for a long time.

I opened it and started reading and had to force myself to stop – I was almost late to my appointment!!!

We’re both looking forward to being able to sit back, relax and read [your book] slowly instead of taking glances and then getting caught up and reading the entire essay instead of just doing the corrections…the words and ideas flow so well and are so captivating.